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5 signs of nursing home negligence

Nursing home negligence is different than abuse. Although the staff may not take any deliberate action to cause harm to your loved one, they may neglect to do the things that they are supposed to do to keep them safe and healthy.

Neglect often goes overlooked, so it’s important for family members to know what signs to watch for. If you see them, you may be able to put an end to the neglect and consider all of your options if your loved one has suffered serious injury. Below are five potential signs.

Severe dehydration

When dehydration gets bad enough, the person can have cognitive issues and trouble with mobility. They may talk about being dizzy, having a constant headache or not sleeping well.

Malnutrition and weight loss

The main key to look for with malnutrition is extreme and rapid weight loss. One rule of thumb is to look out for a loss of more than 5% of your loved one’s total body weight. In other words, if they weighed 200 pounds and they suddenly lost 10 pounds for no reason, you have to wonder if they’re eating well.

Lack of personal hygiene

Neglect often leads to personal hygiene issues. Elderly individuals may need help taking showers or using the restroom. If they’re not given this assistance, it becomes clear that their disheveled state is more than just aging.

The development of bedsores

Bedsores, or pressure sores, happen when a person who cannot move on their own stays in the same position for too long. Even if that position seems comfortable, such as lying in a bed, these dangerous sores develop. This could mean that the staff has been neglecting your loved one by not helping them move and change positions.

Slip-and-fall accidents

Similarly, a person with mobility issues may need help getting to the dining area, getting back to the room, climbing in and out of bed and doing all sorts of other daily tasks. If they suffered from a slip and fall accident because no one would assist them, that may also be a sign of neglect.

What can you do?

It’s certainly distressing to see your loved one being treated this way, but remember that you do have options. Be sure you know what steps to take.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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