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Car accidents: Driver’s failure to yield leads to biker’s death

Motorcyclists will always be vulnerable on Georgia roads. The fact that they have none of the protection offered by automobiles invariably result in severe injuries or death when bikers are involved in car accidents. Also, many motorists fail to look out for motorcycles, and the lives of many bikers are lost because of driver negligence.

In Macon recently, according to a crash report, a 35-year-old driver turned left at an intersection without yielding to a westbound motorcyclist. The car and the bike collided in the intersection. The 26-year-old motorcyclist was rushed to a medical facility. Sadly, he only survived until the following afternoon when he succumbed to a closed head injury.

Reportedly, neither the driver of the car nor his passenger suffered injuries in the crash. A warrant for the arrest of the driver was issued, and he turned himself in later that week. He is now facing a felony vehicular homicide charge. An additional misdemeanor failure to yield count was added to the charges.

Lives lost in car accidents can never be replaced, but the related financial and emotional damages are often recoverable. The surviving family members may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If negligence can be established, an experienced personal injury attorney can navigate the ensuing legal proceedings in a Georgia civil court. Along with economic losses such as the costs related to end-of-life arrangements and lost income, close family members can pursue recovery of emotional damages like pain and suffering, loss of companionship and more.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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