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Car accidents: SUV driver killed by detached big rig tires

A 31-year old big rig driver from another state was jailed in Georgia after the death of an SUV driver on Interstate 75. Instead of one of the typical causes of tractor-trailer vs. car accidents, defective tires that detached from the truck caused this crash. According to an accident report, the accident occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon.

Reportedly, a 36-year-old woman along with her child and her parents were heading south on Interstate 75. In the opposite direction, an 18-wheeler was traveling in the northbound lanes. For unknown reasons, two of the tires of the big rig detached and flew off the axle. One of them cleared the concrete median that was five feet tall.

The wheel smashed into the woman’s SUV, almost removing the vehicle’s roof. She lost control of the car and crashed into the side of another large truck before striking the median. The driver of the SUV lost her life, but her passengers survived and suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Regardless of the outcome of the criminal charges filed against the big rig driver, the surviving family members of the deceased SUV driver can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Along with the driver, a separate owner of the vehicle, the logistics company or other related parties could be named as defendants in a civil lawsuit. A Georgia personal injury attorney who has experience in fighting for the rights of victims of car accidents can determine whom to include in the suit and work to establish negligence. The lawyer can then provide valuable support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings to recover financial and emotional damages.

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