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Criminal defense: Plea bargain could lead to less severe sentence

Facing criminal charges in Georgia is always a serious matter because a conviction can harm all aspects of a defendant’s life. However, overcrowded jails and overburdened criminal courts have made plea bargaining an essential part of criminal defense. If the prosecution puts the option of a plea bargain on the table, dropping some of the charges or a sentence that is more lenient might be negotiated.

Before agreeing to negotiate, the prosecution and the defense will consider the strength of the available evidence along with the severity of the alleged crimes. Both sides will also look at the guilty verdict prospects at trial. Bargaining with the prosecutors could include various tactics in which the criminal defense attorney will work to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.

Plea bargaining could include the defendant admitting to some of the allegations or even pleading guilty to some of the charges in exchange for other charges being dropped. An example is a person who was involved in a street fight. He or she is arrested, and the charges include two counts of aggravated assault. The defendant agrees to plead guilty to one of the two counts or simple assault instead of the aggravated charge.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney is crucial for anyone in Georgia facing criminal charges. Accepting the prosecution’s offer of a plea bargain might not be in the best interest of the defendant. After assessing any offers made by the prosecution, legal counsel can explain the options and suggest the best way to proceed to reach the most beneficial outcome for the defendant.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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