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Criminal defense: What is parole and how does it work?

Anyone in Georgia who faces criminal charges will know that a conviction might mean incarceration. Retaining the services of a criminal defense attorney can help them understand the criminal justice system and sentencing guidelines. Some questions may involve parole and how it works.

Parole should be regarded as a privilege that could allow a prisoner to spend a portion of his or her sentence living in his or her community, typically after serving a part of the sentence in prison. A prison parole board appointed by the state usually grants parole. Once parole is granted, parolees can live in their communities as long as they comply with certain conditions and terms, one of which is scheduled meetings with a parole officer. Noncompliance can see them back behind bars.

Matters that the parole board will consider include the person’s behavior while incarcerated, his or her criminal history, mental condition, marital status, age and parental status. The circumstances and severity of the crime and the time already spent in jail will play a role as will the inmate’s level of remorse and desire to seek employment and establish permanent residency. The board will not grant parole if there is any indication that the inmate would threaten public safety.

These are but some of the facts about parole, and individuals facing criminal charges can learn more about it from an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney. Legal counsel can explain eligibility for parole, the typical terms and conditions of parole, and how the public and family members can voice their opinions during parole board meetings. Legal counsel can continue to advocate for clients in post-conviction matters.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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