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Heavy traffic can increase your risk of getting into a wreck

Macon sees its fair share of traffic. The roads fill up during rush hour every weekday afternoon, and thousands of people drive through the area in late November and early December because of the incredible Christmas displays. These tourists are particularly dangerous drivers because they don’t know the roads and may look at displays more closely than traffic conditions.

Both local and tourist traffic can benefit the community by increasing interest in the area and causing people to spend money at local businesses. Unfortunately, whenever there are more vehicles on the road, your risk of getting into a crash increases.

What are some of the concerns that affect your safety when traffic is particularly heavy?

Heavy traffic increases your overall statistical risk

After years of declining collision rates, crashes and traffic deaths have increased in the United States. Your overall risk is already higher than it was two years ago, and traffic conditions can increase your risk even more.

There is the possibility for any vehicle driving near yours to crash into you. The more other vehicles you encounter, the more statistical risk you have. Not only are you at higher risk for a crash, but more drivers mean a greater chance of encountering someone without insurance, someone texting at the wheel or someone driving while drunk.

Heavy traffic can lead to bad driving decisions

When there are many vehicles on the road, the flow of traffic may slow down. Rather than becoming more cautious, many drivers become more unsafe at such times.

They may distract themselves from their boredom by handling their phone or get aggressive and start to tailgate the vehicles around them. Not only could driving aggressively make someone unable to prevent a collision, but it could also lead to road rage incidents.

How can you protect yourself when sharing the road with many vehicles?

The easiest way to reduce your risk of a crash during times of heavy traffic is to stay off the road. However, you can’t just stay at work all evening to avoid rush-hour traffic or all December to avoid people who want to look at the lights.

If you do go out on the roads when traffic is heavy, take less popular roads and leave extra space between your vehicle and the others near you in traffic. Recognizing the risks of heavy traffic and adjusting your habits accordingly can help you avoid a motor vehicle wreck or at least causing one.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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