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Here’s why you should avoid weekend driving

If possible, you want to stay off of the roads on the weekend. You can’t avoid that daily commute to work during the week, so you face some risks on the road, but you can avoid going out on the weekends.

If you value safety, it’s something you want to consider. Why would you give up driving on the weekends entirely? But the answer is all in the statistics. 

The risk of a car accident on the weekend is real

Interestingly, nonfatal and fatal accidents do not see the same spikes, although they are close. Statistics show that most nonfatal car crashes occur on Fridays, while most fatal accidents occur on Saturdays. 

Either way, the message is clear: Weekends are dangerous for drivers — and it’s likely related to similar reasons. For instance, drunk driving is a major issue on the weekends. If someone goes out on Friday and crashes after leaving the bar, the only thing that determines if it’s a Friday or a Saturday crash is how long they stay at the bar. The same event — intoxicated driving — caused the accident either way. 

Naturally, there are accidents all through the week. Sober drivers crash on Tuesday during their commute home. You can never entirely avoid these risks. But knowing when things on the road are at their worst can at least allow you to make decisions about exactly how much risk you want to take on when you have choices.

If you do get injured, you have options

If someone else causes an accident and you get injured on any day of the week, you do have legal options to seek compensation for medical bills and related costs. An experienced attorney can help you learn more.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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