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Macon named the worst city for driving in Georgia

The driving experience varies a great deal from city to city. Each city has a range of unique aspects that can impact how safe, convenient, stressful or expensive driving is for its residents.

A recent 24/7 Wall St. report looked at 2017 data touching on a range of factors related to the driving experience to determine which city was the worst one to drive in for each state. Examples of factors reviewed include fatality rates, traffic levels, commute times, gas prices and car theft rates.

Which city was rated the worst driving city in Georgia? Motorists here in Macon may be discouraged by the answer.

Macon was named the worst city place in Georgia for drivers. One factor the city did particularly poorly in compared to the state as a whole was fatality rate. According to the report, in 2017, there were 28.4 traffic fatalities in Macon per every 100,000 people. This is nearly double the state’s rate.

Why do you think Macon had such a higher rate? What kind of traffic dangers do you feel are particularly common in the city? What traffic safety improvements would you like to see made in Macon?

It is important to note though that Macon didn’t do worse than the state as a whole in all of the factors the report looked at. For example, the report found that Macon has a lower average commute time than Georgia does.

Do you think Macon is a tough city to drive in? What do you think would be most helpful in making it better for drivers?

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