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No one else should decide if you get divorced

Those who are considering divorce often struggle to make that final decision. They just don’t know if they should file for divorce, try to fix the relationship or wait and see what the future holds. It can become paralyzing.

In an effort to get to a solution, they’ll often talk to friends and family members about it. This can be helpful, as confusion over how to proceed is normal. Having people you love that you can talk to goes a long way. That support system is valuable. But they cannot make the decision to divorce for you.

Why do you want a divorce?

The biggest thing to start with is just asking yourself why you want a divorce. Are you unhappy? Did you perhaps hope for more in your marriage? Do you feel like you made a mistake, such as marrying the wrong person or getting married too young?

Maybe you have a more dire situation to consider. Perhaps your spouse struggles with addiction. As a result, your family never has enough money to go around, your spouse can’t keep a job and you worry that they may start abusing you and the kids.

Once you’ve identified exactly why you want to leave — writing it down may make it feel more real — it’s often easier to make your decision. In a case of abuse, for instance, you’ll realize that you should never stay in a harmful relationship.

Getting started

Regardless of your reasons, once you make that final decision and you want to get started, be sure you’re well aware of your legal options.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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