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The risk of a car crash is much higher in bad weather

A lot could go wrong if you are driving in bad weather. The chances of an accident are drastically increased in extreme conditions, and sometimes, even a vehicle’s safety features like anti-lock brake systems could be rendered useless.

It is important to be on high alert if you find yourself on the road in poor weather. This is due to the increased risk of crashing into other motorists and the hazards brought about by the weather conditions. Here are the two leading causes of such accidents.

Poor visibility

This is perhaps the biggest cause of road accidents involving poor weather. Extreme conditions such as fog or heavy snow may reduce your visibility to just a few feet. It means that you will not have enough reaction time should you need to maneuver out of danger’s way.

In addition, bad weather can hide road hazards such as open utility holes. When, for instance, floods cover the road on which you are driving, you can’t tell what lies beneath the surface.

Skidding or lack of traction

Studies have shown that precipitation poses a significant risk to drivers. Among the main risks associated with wet road surfaces are skidding or lack of traction. Driving on icy roads is one such instance where you may lose traction and eventual control of the vehicle.

In the world of insurance, accidents caused by weather conditions known as “Acts of God” are generally not covered in your standard policy. However, it is still essential to look out for your legal rights if you were involved in such an accident.

Depending on the circumstances, the weather may be partly to blame for a crash caused by another negligent motorist. You could be due for compensation if you suffer injuries in such a case.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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