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Truck accidents: Out-of-state trucker accused of causing 4 deaths

Sharing the Georgia highways with big rigs makes occupants of passenger vehicles exceptionally vulnerable. Even those who comply with all the rules of the road could suffer life-changing or even fatal injuries in truck accidents. Unfortunately, not all commercial truck drivers travel at speeds and following distances that will allow them to stop safely in an emergency.

The apparent disregard of road safety led to a truck operator’s arrest after a fiery crash that caused the deaths of four people. According to an accident report, the incident occurred shortly after noon on a recent Thursday. Traffic slowed down on Interstate 75 and the 39-year-old out-of-state operator of a tractor-trailer traveled too fast to react in time.

The big rig slammed into a pickup truck hauling a trailer that was at the back of the pileup. The impact sent the pickup into the rear of another rig, crushing it between the two massive trucks. The collision caused flames to erupt and engulf the pickup truck and the big rig that was out of control. None of the four occupants of the pickup survived the fiery crash.

Regardless of the outcome of the criminal charges filed against drivers deemed at fault in truck accidents, surviving family members of those who lose their lives can pursue claims for financial relief. However, any convictions or citations for violations that a trucker receives can be presented as evidence to prove negligence in a related civil lawsuit. Utilizing the skills of an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney can significantly increase the plaintiff’s chances of receiving compensation for both emotional and financial suffering brought about by a wrongful death.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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