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Lawyers in Macon – Civil Litigation

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In addition to criminal law and business litigation, the lawyers in Macon at Noland Law Firm are also prepared to represent you and take on any civil litigation case you may need assistance with. You might need representation for a civil case regarding an insurance claim, a class action lawsuit, a personal injury/wrongful death case, or an appeal.

However, some clients are not sure which category their case falls under. Civil litigation occurs when there is a dispute between at least two parties, and one is looking for payment or action from the other. Your local lawyer in Macon at Noland Law Firm wants to assist you in any way possible with your case from beginning to end. Here we explain the types of cases that fall under civil litigation, which may be of help…

Insurance Claims

A case involving an insurance claim falls under civil litigation. Insurance claim cases arise when there is a dispute between insurance coverage. Noland Law Firm is experienced in representing both the insurer and the insured throughout the course of the insurance claim case.

Class Action

A class action lawsuit occurs when a large group of people are represented by an individual or a smaller group and are searching for compensation from another party. This usually happens when a group of customers or clients have the same type of issue with a single person, company, or facility. Some examples of a class action lawsuit include pharmaceutical fraud, sexual abuse, nursing home neglect, and human rights violations. For a class action lawyer in Macon, contact Noland Law Firm.

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

A personal injury or wrongful death claim is filed when a person is injured or killed as the result of another party’s negligence. Car accidents, truck accidents, slip-and-fall, medical malpractice, defective products, and wrongful death cases are common issues that warrant the need for a personal injury lawyer in Macon. Some damages that a personal injury client is entitled to include medical bills, pain & suffering, loss of income & benefits, and funeral & burial expenses. A personal injury lawyer in Georgia will be able to help you navigate the state laws and statutes during a time where you may be injured or have lost a loved one. A lawyer in Macon like the Lawyers at Noland Law Firm are ready to take on your personal injury case.


A court appeal can be filed if a client is unsatisfied with the initial trial court’s decision of a case. Whether or not a lawyer handled your initial case, your local Macon Lawyers, here at Noland Law Firm are prepared to file a court appeal on your behalf. If you are in search of a lawyer in Macon to appeal a court’s decision, contact the Macon attorneys at Noland Law Firm.

In representing both plaintiffs and defendants, we believe that all parties deserve the best possible representation, and we strive to provide it. This separates us from firms that serve the cause of special interests on one side or the other. We serve our clients no matter who they may be. We are “client-centered” rather than “cause-centered.” We are confident that our clients benefit from this balanced approach. For excellent representation during any civil litigation matter, the lawyers in Macon at Noland Law Firm are the ones you can trust.

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For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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