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What is the right divorce strategy for your personal situation?

To many people, the word divorce is synonymous with chaos. Between elevated emotions and the loss of control people experience when they litigate in the Georiga family courts, it makes sense that divorce itself may seem like a source of chaos and instability.

However, you can influence the outcome of your divorce and even take control over it in certain circumstances. In order to reduce the negative impact and improve your chances of a positive outcome, you want to start strategizing as soon as possible. Determining the right strategy when planning for divorce is a key step in protecting yourself.

Do you know what your main priorities are in the divorce?

It can be hard to succinctly describe the outcome you hope for when ending your marriage. For some people, the biggest issue will be ensuring they get as much time with their kids as possible. Other people may have specific possessions that they want to keep.

Staying in the marital home is a common desire. Other people may have other assets, like a retirement account or investments, that they want to retain. For some people, the goal of divorce may be to just do it as cheaply and quickly as possible. Figuring out what matters to you will be the best way to begin developing a strategy.

Can you and your ex find a way to work together?

Perhaps the most basic question about divorce strategy will be whether you can resolve the issue directly with your ex and their attorney or if you need to have the courts serve as an intermediary, effectively letting a judge make all of the major decisions in your case.

Some spouses can successfully negotiate with just the help of their individual attorneys, allowing them to file an uncontested divorce where they set all the terms themselves. If that doesn’t seem realistic in your case, mediation or arbitration can be alternative dispute resolution options that help you work out your disagreements and create solutions for an uncontested filing.

Spouses in deep disagreements or who have had a toxic or abusive dynamic may not be able to file an uncontested divorce. Recognizing the unique considerations of your family during divorce will help you create and implement a strategy that will work for you.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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