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What is the worst injury possible in a slip-and-fall situation?

If you were to believe what you see on social media or the television, you might think that a slip-and-fall is really just a humorous incident and not a dangerous experience. However, slip-and-falls are one of the more serious ways that people get hurt in public places. 

Slipping on a wet spot on the floor could mean that you get seriously hurt, possibly requiring hospitalization. People could break bones or suffer a soft tissue injury when they slip and fall, but the risk is also there for them to suffer a life-altering injury. 

What is the worst injury commonly associated with slip-and-fall incidents? 

Someone who falls could easily hurt their head

The more quickly someone falls after they slip, the greater their risk for a severe injury. If someone cannot slow their momentum on their way down, they might strike their head on the floor, causing bleeding or swelling of the brain. Falls are among the top causes of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and you don’t have to fall from a significant elevation to hurt your head and damage your brain. 

A minor brain injury could cause headaches, nausea and sleep disruption. Moderate brain injuries could cause personality changes, and severe brain injuries might even affect motor function, respiration and other necessary bodily functions. A TBI could result in thousands of dollars of medical care in addition to having permanent consequences for someone earning potential. 

Reporting a slip-and-fall when it happens will make it easier for someone with serious injuries to bring a claim later for the compensation that they deserve.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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