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Which Georgia counties had the most fatal car accidents?

Many different factors influence your risk of a crash. Timing plays a role, as wrecks are more likely at certain times of day than at others. There are also seasonable changes in different kinds of crash risk, like drunk driving crash risk and the possibility of a wreck involving a motorcyclist or a pedestrian. Drivers who know the most dangerous times to drive can make smart choices about when they drive.

They may also need to consider where they drive. Location is also a key factor in someone’s risk for a car crash. Some places are much safer for surface travel, while others leave drivers with a higher risk for collision. In Georgia, you can look at the crash data from 2020 on a county-by-county basis and start to see a clear pattern about who has the most risk on the road.

What counties are the least safe for drivers?

Given that there are 159 counties in Georgia, drivers might hope to live and drive someplace that reports a low number of traffic deaths. Bibb County was among the ten counties with the highest number of traffic fatalities. However, with 28 traffic deaths, it came in seventh on that list. Fulton County had 129 traffic deaths, Dekalb County had 80 and Gwinnet County saw 61 traffic deaths in 2020.

The size of the local community seems to have an impact on the risk of fatal collisions. Decatur, Atlanta and Lawrenceville are all relatively large municipalities with high population density, especially when compared with Macon. Cobb, Clayton, Chatham and Hall Counties all also reported more fatalities in traffic in 2020 than Bibb County.

What does that information mean for you?

Recognizing that traffic density and local culture influence your risk of getting into a crash can help you make better decisions about your travel habits. From adding extra time to your schedule so you can keep the focus on safety when you visit these bigger metropolitan areas to planning a slightly longer but much safer route that bypasses the higher risk locations, little steps can help you protect yourself and the people you love out on the roads.

Learning more about modern motor vehicle collisions will help you reduce risk on the road and better handle a claim if you do experience a crash.

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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