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Who are the most distracted drivers? The answer may surprise you

If you poll people about who they think are the most distraction-prone drivers, odds are that most people are going to pick teenagers. They may even describe your typical young driver, texting away behind the wheel while heading to high school or college. 

But is this stereotype fair? It’s true that teens get distracted, but are they really the demographic group that faces distraction most often? 

Nine out of 10 parents will drive distracted

According to one study, parents may actually be some of the most distracted drivers in the world. When asked about 10 different types of distractions, and if they ever did those things with their children in the car, 90% of parents admitted that they did. They were distracted when the car was in motion and the child was a passenger. 

This is concerning on many levels. For one thing, it is worrying that parents can’t even bring themselves to avoid clear distractions — like texting — when it puts their own children in danger. 

Beyond that, we also know that children themselves can be distracting to drivers. They may talk or sing, they could request snacks and drinks, they may cry or complain when the ride feels too long, or they may constantly ask parents to do things to help them, like picking up toys that they dropped. This, combined with other levels of distraction, puts everyone in danger. 

After an accident, you have options

If you get hit by a distracted parent who is driving, the good news is that you do have legal options to seek compensation for medical bills and related costs. Working with an experienced advocate is often the best way to protect your interests against the insurance company involved. 

For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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