Contract disputes

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Contract disputes

Legal language often has a very different meaning than everyday English. There are thousands of key phrases and specific terminologies used in the legal world that are defined by hundreds of years of court decisions, state laws, and federal statutes.

Without a seasoned attorney familiar with the language used in legal agreements, interpreting each specific term of a contract put in front of you can be very difficult, if not impossible. If you miss something, you could lose your business altogether. Noland Law understand this and are the experienced Attorneys for the job!

There are several essential components that every formal agreement should include in explicit written form, including:

  • The specific purpose of the contract
  • The names and relevant information for every party involved in the contract
  • “Considerations” for all involved parties—in other words, what valuable thing(s) each party will get out of the contract
  • Every condition that each party to the contract must fulfill, as well as actions that would constitute a violation

In general, the clearer and more straightforward a contract is, the better the outcome will be for everyone who signs it. An attorney like our team here at Noland Law, can provide you with crucial guidance and support when drafting a contract for your specific business endeavors.

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For your free consultation connect with one of our legal team today Call 478-621-4980
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